Mark Timothy Studios to Launch New Exhibit by Artist Mark Mushkin, a Series of Abstract Photographs Titled "Aura"

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Press Release updated: Feb 15, 2018 10:40 EST

LOS ANGELES, February 15, 2018 – Mark Timothy Studios is announcing the upcoming Spring and Summer 2018 exhibits of Los Angeles native artist,  Mark Mushkin, with his collection of ethereal seascape photographs as well as a new series of abstract photographs titled “Aura.” Mushkin uses his own innovative camera techniques to create the unique look of his images which has become a Trademark of his work.

Mushkin's latest abstract series “Aura” show influences from such artists as Gerhard Richter, Sam Francis and Jackson Pollack. Mushkin creates his abstracts photographs by using a slow shutter speed technique which allows him to capture light in a particular way.

“Light flows into my camera like paint onto a canvas,” said Mushkin. He describes how he captures the images, “I paint the picture by moving my camera against the light”.

Light flows into my camera like paint onto a canvas.

Mark Mushkin


The new series of abstract photographs are a divergence from his previous work of creating surreal seascapes using a similar technique. Mushkin has received critical acclaim for his “Lumen” series, a collection of ethereal black and white photographs exhibited in 2015 at the Mark Timothy Gallery in California. His work hangs in some the most prestigious homes and offices in the world.

When you look on his Facebook page “Mark Timothy Studios” where he has tens of thousands of followers from over 45 countries around the world, you can read the comments on his work and know how people are moved by his images. For over two decades Mushkin has been a prolific creator of innovative ideas and concepts which reach across a broad spectrum of the Arts and Entertainment industries.

His contributions range from the designing of some of the first internet music marketing tools used by Universal Music Group and Sony BMG to winning awards for the editing and production of music videos.

Always seeking to be different, Mushkin has remarkably found a way to stand out in the world of photography which is very apparent when you see his images. The locations of the Southern California exhibits will be announced in March and will be showing through this Summer 2018. 

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Source: Mark Mushkin

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