LemonShark Poké Plans to Expand to 500 Franchises in 5 Years

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DALLAS, TX – 02-15-2018 (Press Release Jet) — LemonShark Poké is a restaurant that serves locally sourced and crafted poke. The first two locations were opened in Redlands, CA and San Bernardino, CA to rave reviews. It is quickly becoming the fastest-growing poke franchise in the US. More than 65 franchises were sold in the last year, and it’s easy to see why.

The concept is unlike any other. While other poke competitors are best known for grab-n-go, LemonShark Poké is breaking this mold. The restaurant is an inviting, modern space decorated in Japanese minimalist style that offers plenty of seating. In addition to fresh food, there is a self-serve beer tap and a full sake menu. The ambiance invites customers to sit down and enjoy their meal, which is vastly different from anything else on the market.

LemonShark Poké isn’t just enjoyable for the average diner but for families as well. The popular ‘kids bowl’ is a Hawaiian-style Chicken Teriyaki over rice. Co-founder and COO, Tobi Miller says, “If I am going out for dinner I want to enjoy my food and a drink, but my kids are picky, like most are. LemonShark invites families to stay for dinner because everyone has an option. My wife and I love the fresh fish and the self-serve beer wall. My kids love the Chicken Katsu (Hawaiian-styleChicken Teriyaki).”

Due to the success of the locations in California, LemonShark Poké is franchising throughout the US at a rapid rate. In Texas alone, 22 franchises were sold this year. The first location in Las Colinas, TX will open its doors to the public in March 2018 with Plano, TX following shortly after.

TDC Agency, a Dallas-based digital and event marketing agency, was selected to take over marketing initiatives for all 22 Texas locations by the Master Franchisee, Trung Le. The agency has already built a following of 16,000 users on Instagram (@lemonsharktx) who eagerly await the arrival of LemonShark Poké in Texas. TDC Agency Managing Partner, Monica Gonzalez, and Director of Marketing, Gracie Singer, recently flew to LA to meet with Miller. After meeting with Miller, TDC Agency was additionally hired to conduct pre-launch marketing for select locations in the US, and launch a campaign to target Texas franchisees. LemonShark Poke’s goal is to expand to 500 locations in 5 years. TDC Agency will be an integral part of this process as they assist in selling franchise locations and creating a fan base for the brand across the US.

To learn more about LemonShark Poké restaurants or franchising opportunities in Texas, contact [email protected].

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