Leader in Lifelong Learning, The Great Courses Plus, Announces a New Video Series in Collaboration with Entrepreneur and Investor Steve Case

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The Great Courses Plus

Mr. Case brings an insight and perspective that makes for a truly compelling look at our future…

Chantilly, Virginia February 14, 2018

The Great Courses Plus is launching a new online video course in collaboration with Steve Case, the New York Times bestselling author, investor and entrepreneur who co-founded AOL. The Third Wave: The Future of Entrepreneurship in America is a seven-lecture series that predicts what to expect from technology in the future and how the digital age will impact your life. The video series covers a wide range of topics from how the Internet got started to the rise of Internet companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon to how the next generation of startups will need to work in order to be successful.

The new series is exclusive, created entirely for The Great Courses Plus. Mr. Case brings insights from his years as one of the most successful technology entrepreneurs in history, and takes them to the next level. “This lecture series is a wealth of wisdom and vision from a true leader,” said Cale Pritchett, Vice President of Marketing for The Great Courses. “Mr. Case brings an insight and perspective that makes for a truly compelling look at our future.”

The Third Wave: The Future of Entrepreneurship in America offers an insightful history of the web, before predicting that the future of the internet holds even more opportunity. According to Mr. Case, “The First Wave was getting everybody online… building the core infrastructure, the foundation of the internet. The Second Wave—the last 15 years or so—has been about the apps and services running on top of the internet—things like Google, and Facebook, and Twitter, and many others. Its created a lot of value in people’s lives, but you haven’t seen anything yet.�

The Third Wave: The Future of Entrepreneurship in America is now available on The Great Courses Plus. More information can be found at http://www.thegreatcoursesplus.com/thirdwave.

About The Great Courses
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