Land Ops Adventure Radio Club Launches Kickstarter Campaign for an Epic Documentary

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Garden Grove, CA — 02/15/2018 — Land Ops Adventure Radio Club of California has proudly announced that it is raising funds and support on Kickstarter for a one of a kind documentary project. The upcoming documentary project will be led by Chris Doering, the President of Land Ops A.R.C. (Adventure Radio Club) and he is currently seeking generous community support by raising funds for the documentary on Kickstarter.

The title of this inspiring documentary film is 'Mysteries of Lucky Nugget' and it is about the second largest meteorite found in the United States. Moreover, the official name of this meteorite is 'Old Woman Meteorite' and it is situated in the Mojave Desert in California. The documentary will not only answer many unanswered questions regarding this historic meteorite but will also solve many prevailing mysteries surrounding its origin and story.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and the campaign is already getting a phenomenal response. The producers are also offering several great rewards for the backers and these rewards not only include copies of this documentary but also a membership of the Land Ops Adventure Radio Club. More details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page of the project.

About Land Ops Adventure Radio Club
Land Ops Adventure Radio Club is a California based club of adventure enthusiasts and they are creating a documentary film on the second largest meteorite found in the US. This meteorite is situated in California's Mojave Desert and the documentary will uncover many mysteries surrounding this historic place. The project is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and more details are available on the campaign page, where backers from around are welcome to make generous contributions.

Contact Person: Chris Doering
Company: Land Ops Adevnture Radio Club
Address: 630 S. Glassell, Suite 201, 92866
City: Garden Grove
State: California
Country: United States
Phone: 714-319-0939
Email: [email protected]

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