Katz Rodriguez Introduces a new Spiritual Team To The Pagan Community

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – 01-17-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Katz Rodriguez, Ordained High Priestess in one of the Largest Global Online Pagan Communities, Has introduced a new spiritual team for all spiritual matters. Katz Rodriguez built her reputation as being one of the most knowledgeble spiritual leaders in the pagan communities when it comes to Santeria, Paganism, Hoodoo, Vodou and things in the spiritual world. Katz Rodriguez has been very public and grown very popular on youtube where she has over 250 how to videos on candle magick, tarot card readings and a spiritual online coven that grows daily.  Katz Rodriguez plans to go to Cuba 2018 to purchase property, get crowned in Santeria and scratched in Palo.  “I want to create a safe haven for our sisterhood and like minded people around the world that can fly to cuba to get services, relax, eat with us, and get to know the religion, culture and language as a whole.” quote Katz Rodriguez.  You can contact Katz Rodriguez at her websitewww.katzrodriguez.com or watch her videos on youtube at www.youtube.com/katz0411

Katz Rodriguez, has a very universe background. She has a doctorate in Divinity, is Ordained and has been practicing over 25 years. She has amazing testimonials on her site.  She is a delight to work with, a breath of fresh air with her honestly and blunt personality.  Katz Rodriguez offers services such as consults, spiritual counsling, Ifa reading with well known experienced Babalawo. She even has a tarot card reader on her spiritual team.  She is well known for teaching how to read candles with candle magick. She is very open and people like how real she is. Her personality is funnny. Very Entertaining.  When Hiring a professional spell caster its very important that that spellcaster is taking time out to hear your needs, listen to you and gives you realistic expectations. After Reviewing Katz Rodriguez Testimonials on her website and Youtube Channel. She knows what she is doing as an experienced authentic Spell Caster and High Priestess. If you are looking For Luck, Relationship, Business Attraction, Protection, Court Cases Contact Katz Rodriguez and her experienced spiritual team today and get the help you been seeking.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Katz Rodriguez The Green Eyed Witch
Full Name: katherine rodriguez
Phone: 702-473-0142
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.katzrodriguez.com

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