Illumitex and Grow Rebates Report Record Year

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AUSTIN February 15, 2018

Illumitex and Grow Rebates announce the largest year in the four-year history of their partnership. The two companies have continually been able to provide lighting solutions to high value cultivators across the Northwest by assisting them in making the transition to more sustainable LED grow lights. The expert blend of cutting-edge technology and knowledge of local utility rebates has been instrumental for growers’ success.

“Lighting is the largest and often the most complicated purchase for any grow operation,� says Rob Van Deist, Founder of Grow Rebates. “We are able to provide growers with solutions that help them save money and frequently get started faster by navigating the complex world of utility rebates.�

Grow Rebates and Illumitex work with grow operations to decrease the cost of LED lighting and, in many cases, can reduce the out of pocket cost of lighting to as low as $150 per light.

“Traditionally, LED lighting has been viewed as too costly for these start-up operations and that is simply not the case,� said John Spencer, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Illumitex. “The combination of cost reduction in technology and using the funds that have been made available, means these fixtures are now more affordable than ever.�

Illumitex and Grow Rebates plan on continued expansion in the Northwest by assisting cultivation facilities in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. Grow Rebates and Illumitex will be discussing their solution this week at CannaCon in Seattle, Feb 15-17. To learn more about Grow Rebates, visit

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About Illumitex, Inc:
Founded in 2005 in Austin, Texas, Illumitex works diligently to create industry-shifting achievements in horticultural lighting. Our team of horticulture scientist and engineers have radically transformed LED lighting that influences plant benefits including yield, taste, color, and smell. Illumitex is enthusiastically committed to scientific research, cutting-edge design, and innovative engineering. We are dedicated to working with our customer to deliver world-class horticulture solutions while pushing lighting into the digital age with automated tools and services.

About Grow Rebates:
Grow Rebates was asked by one of the first legal growers in Washington state to help them find affordable, efficient lighting for their grow operation. In our quest, we determined the best option was to get quality LED lighting and utilize the energy company’s rebate program to help with affordability. Since that first project in 2014, we have helped almost 100 growers obtain rebates and established relationships with utility companies across the Northwest.

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