Houston Astros World Series Championship Book on Pace to Become the #1 Selling Sports Commemorative Book of All Time

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December 07, 2017 – HOUSTON, Texas – The Chicago Cubs are days from joining the Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers on a growing list of marquee Major League brands humbled and defeated by the 2017 Houston Astros accomplishments; this time, courtesy of Astros fans. Winners Books, authors and publishers of the No. 1 sports championship books for the past eight years are preparing for additional printings to keep up with demand of championship-starved Astros fans. “I knew Cubs fans hadn’t had a reason to celebrate for over 100 years, so their astronomical sales I expected. But the passion and excitement I’m seeing from fans in Houston is unprecedented and it’s a credit to this amazing fan base,” said book author Tom Zenner. “As a company, we felt it was necessary to take it a step further and donate a portion of the proceeds to the Astros Foundation to continue their vigilant support of the community.”

The book is written and designed in a tone and style that brings the entire season to life, with every incredible moment from opening day through the parade jumping off the pages. It does what other books are incapable of; capturing the connection the city felt for this team, and vice versa. Each copy contains a free poster, with special sections on AL MVP Jose Altuve, Justin Verlander, Dallas Keuchel and the inspiring story of how the team rallied and responded after Hurricane Harvey. Every playoff and World Series game is recapped, and fans can experience the championship parade in downtown Houston again like they were hanging from a parking structure watching it in person! The book is 192 pages, loaded with photos from the AP, and case bound in a premium hard cover allowing fans to cherish this coffee table book forever. A portion of each sale will be donated to the Astros Foundation.

Winners Books has partnered with international media group, Rhino Marketing, and will be promoting the book on Houston media outlets through the Holidays, Spring Training in Florida and the ring ceremony in April. It has already surpassed sales numbers of recent Cleveland Cavaliers, New England Patriots and Golden State Warriors championship books, and the all-time sales record for hardcover commemorative sales is on the verge of being shattered.

“I’ve written almost 50 books like this, but I can assure you none as important or with a happier ending,” said Zenner. “There is something special and magical about this team in this city in this year.”

The only way to get it is online, at winnersbooks.com, with fans using promo code CHAMPS17 to save 10% and have it shipped to their home.

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