Health Affairs Panel Explores “Triple Aim� of Innovation and the Road Ahead

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He shares his "triple aim" for innovation -- Community, Automation and Platform

Mike Squires participates in Health Affairs panel on Diffusion of Innovation

“The organization’s 'triple aim' is laser-focused on Community, Automation and Platform.â€�

CRANBURY, N.J. March 13, 2018

Mike Squires, Vice President of Innovation and Public Policy at BluePrint Healthcare IT and Care Navigator Inc, recently participated in a panel at the Health Affairs “Diffusion of Innovation� event in Washington, DC. He highlighted how the organization has supported healthcare IT innovation adoption through the creation of the award-winning Care Navigator™ Care Coordination platform and their prior development of the Healthcare Innovation Exchange Summit series

As quoted by Health Affairs on Twitter, Squires said, “The organization’s 'triple aim' is laser-focused on Community, Automation and Platform.â€� These three dimensions are key to creating and diffusing innovation for value-based care models that include care coordination and care management, particularly those addressing social determinants of health, behavioral health and partnering with community-based organizations.

The panel focused on the “The Road Ahead: Accelerating Diffusion,� where Mike pointed out one such implementation featured in a front-page Washington Post piece, highlighting Vermont’s “ambitious goal of taking its alternative payment model statewide and applying it to 70 percent of insured state residents by 2022.�

In 2017, 30,000 Medicaid patients “transitioned into the experimental model through a pilot run by the accountable care organization OneCare Vermont.� The system uses Care Navigator™ to “flag people with complex medical needs and chronic health conditions and to coordinate care and support for those deemed at high risk.�

During the panel, Mr. Squires highlighted the reasons why community, automation and platform are necessary to realize the goals of value-based care and payment models. In the case of Vermont, established communities — already working together using a toolkit of methods and protocols — scaled and accelerated diffusion of their innovation by automating workflows and processes, and connecting extended care team members within and across communities on a single software platform.

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