Genesis Turf Announces the Release of its 2018 Artificial Sports Turf Line

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GREENVILLE, SC – 01-18-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Genesis Turf, a Greenville SC based Artificial Turf Supplier, has announced the release of its 2018 Artificial Football Turf System. Since the original launch of the Genesis Sport Turf line, the single most important goal has been player safety. Genesis Sport has taken major leaps forward in technology and innovation of its artificial football turf systems.

The new Genesis Artificial Football Field System product is made up of some of the most proven and durable fibers in the world. The 2C “Double Coverage” system allows for more face yarn to show its beautiful colors and impress any spectator. It is comprised of a 13,000 denier system exceeding the usual 6 to 9000 denier and is proven to look newer, and last longer than other systems. This new turf system is proven in use by Missouri State, Stamford University, the Clemson Tigers Training Facility and the College Football Hall of Fame. 

The industry is currently seeing an increased demand for proven football and multi-sport systems due to lesser denier systems failing over long term use. Genesis Turf is proud to lead the industry again in field system innovation, backed by the longest industry warranty. 

Genesis Turf is located in Greenville, South Carolina and started with a sports turf background in 2001. Seeking to offer the highest quality artificial sports turf on the market, Genesis has grown to become a global leader in high quality artificial sports turf solutions. Genesis Turf is a proud supplier to the US military, various US colleges, The Discovery Channel, The City of Miami, and The Make A Wish Foundation. Find them online at or by calling 855-887-3435.

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