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DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA – 10-04-2017 (Press Release Jet) — THE BULL CITY BANNER, sometimes referred to as Durham Breaking News partners with media powerhouse Perpetual Wire to cover the latest news in Durham and neighboring communities.

Durham Breaking News publishes thousands of releases every day with the goal of keeping residents informed of breaking news stories. They cover local, regional and national news from a wide variety of topics and industries. This media site offers information about the latest events and developments in the realms of sports, health care, economics, charity events, and many others. They offer thorough coverage of news stories in Durham as well as the surrounding area.

Durham Breaking News provides the most relevant and compelling local news about people and events in Durham so that readers can keep up with important developments that impact them.

Residents that want to know how their favorite North Carolina sports teams are doing can find scores and highlights from recent games and events.

Durham Breaking News also offers business news about newly-formed partnerships, market trends, and startups in the Durham area.

Residents and visitors can easily keep up with the latest technological and scientific developments in the Durham area with frequent, breaking updates to Durham Breaking News’s Tech and Science page.

As part of their service to residents and visitors, Durham Breaking News provides accurate to-the-minute weather information. This resource is of immeasurable value in planning outdoor events and weekend activities. The site releases hourly forecasts regarding precipitation, temperature and wind data.

In addition, Durham Breaking News provides detailed, up-to-date traffic information to help travelers and commuters plan their routes ahead of time. Residents and tourists can save time and money by accessing updates on delays, construction, congestion and gridlock. Such information is invaluable not just for motorists, but also for those who commute on foot, via public transport, or by bicycle.

Perpetual Wire is a media company that reaches hundreds of sites locally, regionally and nationally. They can get news out to the media in Durham quickly, easily and affordable. Their reach comprises search engines, social media platforms, and top-tier news networks. This partnership allows Durham Breaking News to connect Durham’s most essential information and updates with area residents, employees, and tourists who need to be in the know.

To learn more about The Bull City Banner, please visit their website at www.durhambreakingnews.com.

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