Chef Zipora’s Book, “Recipe for a Delicious Life�, Blends Healthy Food and Harmonious Music with Celebrity Flair

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PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Available in eBook on Amazon, Chef Zipora’s delightfully entertaining and inspiring new book, Recipe for a Delicious Life, chronicles her adventures traveling the world as a private chef to A-list musicians and pop singers, shares favorite recipes of her celebrity clients, tips for finding lasting health and harmony with food – and explains why music is the chef’s hidden ingredient!

Chef Zipora is a private chef, author, entrepreneur and CEO of Chef Zipora Enterprise, Comfort Food in Harmony with Your Health™. She enjoys a distinguished career as a private chef to celebrities and high-net-worth clients, preparing exquisite, flavorful meals for Hollywood’s most notable celebrities, studio executives and elite athletes, Mariah Carey, Bob & Dolores Hope, Donovan McNabb and others. Her dinner guests included social media star Kris Jenner; actors Jack Nicholson, Scarlett Johansson; and dozens of Hollywood executives and business people whose names don’t make the entertainment columns.

“I’m excited to share my life experiences and love of food and music in this beautiful book!� said Zipora Einav, author of Recipe for a Delicious Life. “Through my hard work and natural chutzpa, I created opportunities that led me to travel the world as a private chef with celebrities; they’re some of my fondest memories combined with valuable lessons that I hope will inspire others looking to create their own path to a delicious life.�

Recipe for a Delicious Life sets the table for unforgettable meals by combining Chef Zipora’s love of music with her delicious recipes that nourish the body and elevate the spirit. She produced a music CD to accompany the book, Music for a Delicious Life, with movie & television score composer Neil Argo. She invites readers to experience luxury in everyday menus through the interactive capabilities available directly in her book, Recipe for a Delicious Life: Discover the Perfect Blend of Food & Music to Stimulate Your Appetite for Lasting Health, Harmony & Joy (Published by A HigherLife; In Store: March 20, 2018; Self-Help, Cooking, Health & Fitness; ISBN: 978-0-9994156-1-0; eBook: $19.95 /Hardcover: $24.95).

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Chef Zipora is available for book signing events, media appearances and speaking engagements. Contact: Jennifer Markson, 508.733.3106, [email protected]

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