Automotive Brake Calipers Market: Opportunity Map by 2025

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Albany, NY — 03/10/2018 — Automotive brakes are one of the most important parts of any automobile, if there are any flaws and failures in the system it may endanger the life of driver, occupants and pedestrians as well as cause significant economical loss to the vehicle. This system must be checked regularly and should be well maintained in order to ensure vehicle and road safety. Brake calipers are one of the most essential components in safely stopping the vehicle at the correct time; additionally, it is arguably one of the constituent parts in the automotive braking system.

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Most of the vehicles today have disc brakes installed for effective braking. At least for the front wheels, disc brakes are connected, but many trucks and cars are now mounting disc brakes on all the four wheels. In a disc braking assembly, the vehicle's wheels are connected to the metal disc or rotor, which is spinning along the wheels. The function of brake calipers is to slow, and eventually, stop the vehicle's wheels by the creating a friction force with the rotors of the vehicle.

Brake calipers are mounted over the rotor of the vehicle, like a clamp. The construction of brake calipers is such that they have metal plates fixed with a friction material, known as brake pads. When the driver is applying brakes, by pressing the brake pedal he is actually forcing the brake calipers with the brake pads against the rotor of the wheels and thus, the vehicle is slows down and eventually stops due to this action. Once the rotor stops or slows down, consequently, so does wheel, as they are connected to each other.

This braking system should be designed and manufactured with precision, as even a small manufacturing defect can risk human life. Hence, braking assemblies, including brake calipers are manufactured with utmost quality and accuracy to avoid mechanical failures during the operation of the vehicles. Recent advancement and increasing manufacturing ability has enabled the automotive industry to design and manufacture flawless braking systems.

Automotive Brake Calipers Market: Dynamics

The automotive brake calipers market has a lot of scope in the research, development, and innovation department, as new approaches and technologies are being discovered for the manufacturing of upright and reliable braking parts and components, which can be mounted with perfection in an automobile. Some key automotive market players, such as BMW, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, etc. are aspiring to offer best braking systems in their respective automobiles to effectively stop the vehicle in minimum time and without any jerks and shocks to the driver.

Additionally, new manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing or additive manufacturing have empowered manufacturers to produce complex parts and components with ease and relatively less time. Also, the market for automotive brake calipers has increased due to development and growth in the overall automotive sector, as consumers are more attracted towards safety and riding comfort.

Moreover, in developed nations, high standard of living and growing disposable income have enabled consumers to use vehicles, which are more powerful with flawless braking systems to stop the vehicle within seconds. Furthermore, growth in racing and adventure sports, such as dirt racing and off-road driving are expected to fuel growth of the overall automotive brake calipers market in the coming future. Increasing standard of living with high comfort levels has brought the automotive brake calipers market in great demand, and hence, this market is forecasted to grow yet more rapidly in the future.

The market for automotive brake calipers is anticipated to grow at a healthy CAGR in the forecast period. Growing application of automotive brake calipers in motorcycles and bikes is expected to propel growth of the overall automotive brake calipers market in the near future.

,,The automotive brake calipers market can be segmented by product type, sales channel, and vehicle type.,,By product type, the automotive brake calipers market can be segmented as:,, Floating Brake Calipers, Fixed Brake Calipers,,By sales channels, the automotive brake calipers market can be segmented as:,, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Independent Suppliers,,By motorcycle type, the automotive brake calipers market can be segmented as:,, Two Wheelers, Passenger Cars, Light Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Commercial Vehicles

The automotive brake calipers market can be divided into seven different geographical regions/divisions: North America, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan, and Middle East and Africa. North America and Europe have a high standard of living with luxurious lifestyles and high disposable incomes, this has led to the growth of automotive brake calipers in the respective regions. Brake pads and calipers, which are essential for safe driving have a good replacement rate in automobiles, thus the automotive brake calipers market is expected witness rapid growth in near future. Emerging economies in the APEJ region, especially India and China, will play an important role in the growth of the automotive brake calipers market in the coming future. In countries such as India and China, automobiles are considered as a basic mode of transportation and hence, there is humungous growth potential for the automotive brake calipers market in the near future.

The automotive brake calipers market is anticipated to grow with a significantly growing CAGR in the coming future owing to the increasing adoption of these systems in motorcycles and bikes globally. Furthermore, new technologies and inventions in automotive brake calipers will foster growth in the global market.

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Automotive Brake Calipers Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the global Automotive Brake Calipers market identified across the value chain include:

TRW Automotive
Automotive Brake Engineering (ABE)
Continental AG
Brakes International
Brembo S.p.A.
Akebono Brake Corporation.
Centric Parts
Wilwood Engineering, Inc.
EBC Brakes.
Apec Braking
ATL Industries.

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