As His Companies Grow, Brandon Frere Values the Start-Up Mentality at Every Stage

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SAN FRANCISCO, February 15, 2018 – ​Start-ups seem like they’re still on the rise as more and more individuals take the leap to become entrepreneurs. And despite the dominance of Silicon Valley, more and more cities are proving to be excellent breeding grounds for the country’s new businesses. How many of these new business creations will last is uncertain, but the boldness to strike out on one’s own as a business owner is laudable.

But innovation doesn’t have to just be for founders or new companies. This is the outlook of Brandon Frere, an entrepreneur who believes that start-up mentality can carry a company throughout its infancy into maturity. On his blog at, Frere expands on this idea and how anyone working today can apply it to their life.

“Seek out companies where you can contribute with your own creativity,� said Frere. “Where you can build practices and systems that shape the company.�

Seek out companies where you can contribute with your own creativity…[and that] may even be a company you start yourself.

Brandon Frere

Business Owner

But while employees may do their best to innovate within their current company, sometimes the limits of being an employee may prove too constricting. The best place for someone to grow and express creativity “may even be a company you start yourself,� Frere said.

Frere, who intends to continue to grow his own businesses, doesn’t plan to give up on the start-up mentality anytime soon. He hopes he can inspire others, whether they are current business owners or would-be entrepreneurs, and start great conversations about what it means to own and grow a business. His blog will be updated regularly with lessons he’s learned throughout the years and his opinions on the major issues of the day.


Brandon Frere is an entrepreneur and businessman who lives in Sonoma County, California. He created his website,, as a means to communicate many of the lessons and information he has learned in business and personal endeavors, specifically in the federal student loan landscape.

During his own student loan repayment, Mr. Frere found out how difficult it can be to work with federally contracted student loan servicers.  His efforts were eventually successful: he paid off his loans and gained an insider’s look into the repayment process. His knowledge of the confusing landscape of student loan repayment became a vital theme in his future endeavors, and he now uses those experiences to help guide others through the process of applying for available federal repayment and forgiveness programs.

To find out more about Brandon Frere, visit his website. To reach out, fill out the contact form on the Contact page.

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