Announcing Reviewtique, the Product Review Website Helping Consumers Find the Best Products

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Cape Coral, FLA – Reviewtique is proud to announce the launch of its new website The site consists of a variety of product reviews with the goal of helping people make their buying decisions.

“We do the research to save people the time and hassle of doing it themselves,” explains company spokesperson Alex Jelic.  “Our reviews provide unbiased views of a huge number of products. We do our homework by investigating as many products in a certain category as we can, then we filter out the ones that aren’t up to par and focus solely on the best. So anyone coming to our website can be sure of being directed toward the best possible choices for their needs.”

In the past, personal recommendations used to be an important influence on buyer’s decisions, but in today’s digital world, people tend to trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Statistics show, in fact, that a whopping 92% of consumers now read online reviews before making a purchase.

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Reviewtique’s reviews are highly detailed, explaining how the product works, what the buyer can expect, the features and the benefits. Each review is accompanied by a variety of photos and videos where appropriate.

“We’ll tell you all you need to know about a product,” says Jelic. “Our reviews can be several pages long because we go into all the details and answer any questions you might possibly have about that product. We’re nothing if not thorough!”

New reviews are being added to the site on an almost daily basis. Along with a large number of household items, the company has also focused on health and beauty items, which, according to Jelic, have already received a high number of views.

About the company:

Reviewtique is a recently launched product review website based in Cape Coral, Florida. The company reviews a variety of products with the goal of helping consumers find the best products.

To find out more, visit the company’s website at

Media Contact
Company Name: Reviewtique
Contact Person: Alex Jelic
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 239-772-0557
City: Cape Coral
State: FLA
Country: United States

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