L.A. County Housing Authority Head Fired without an explanation

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Sean Rogan, the head of L.A. County’s housing and community development programs, was fired by supervisors who offered no immediate explanation to the public.

What is known is that the Board of Supervisors held a closed session on Tuesday, and afterward announced that they had released Rogan of his duties. His role as executive director of the combined Housing Authority and Community Development Commission earned him a yearly salary of $229,000.

Rogan’s dismissal comes as L.A. county readies to increase its spending of Measure H funds, which are used to combat homelessness. The move caught the local homeless housing community off guard. Tonja Boykin, COO of the Weingart Center said “We haven’t heard anything …. Everyone is curious”.

Rogan is credited with the recent development of new permanent and affordable supportive housing, and he also expanded the number of vouchers for poor, homeless, libraries, community centers, and developing parks.

The good news is that even though both agencies he resided over are deeply involved in the homeless programs in the county, the vacancy will not affect leadership directly where the Homeless Initiative is concerned.

As of Wednesday, Rogan’s name has been removed from both agency’s official websites, and officials have yet to announce the name of an interim director.

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Bob Allen

Bob Allen

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