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In view of the magnitude of the disasters caused by the Hurricane Harvey that has been raging against the people of the east coast of Texas over the Gulf of Mexico, there are several lessons to be learned, but one that will greatly affect the single patrimony of the victims and is that, according to official information, most of the houses where the monstrous hurricane passed, the houses were not insured against floods and now these houses are seriously affected or destroyed.

For this reason we go to the Independent Agent of the insurance industry, Fernando Cerra, founder and owner of the corporate Cerra Insurance, who for more than 20 years provides professional services with two characteristics that make it different from other servers in the market: First , for his unequaled vocation to serve by providing honest and fair advice to the client’s condition; and Second, for his commitment as an educator and informant in a service of American essence that Hispanics ignore its value and importance: investment in insurance.

Fernando Cerra says that the question arises after all sinister, who pays for all these damages that have occurred ?, and the answer depends, first whether the damaged goods were insured or not. If you are insured, we can move forward to determine the kind of policy you have to know who, how and how much you are going to pay for the damages; but if it is not insured, all repairs will have to leave the casualty’s pocket.

If our assets are insured we will have to take care of what meteorological conditions caused the damage since according to its intensity the damage will be compensated by the insurance contracted, obviously apart from the aid that comes to render the governmental or private agencies.


In a flood insurance coverage you should ask yourself these questions: What Assures Real Estate Coverage: The insured house and its foundations, electrical and plumbing systems, central air conditioning equipment, heaters and heaters water, refrigerators, stoves, and wall-mounted appliances such as a dishwasher, carpets permanently installed on an unfinished floor, panels, blackboards, permanently installed cabinets and bookshelves, window blinds, separate garages, removal of debris, etc.?

O What Ensures Coverage for Furniture Goods: Personal belongings such as clothing, furniture and electronic equipment, curtains, portable and window air conditioners, portable microwave ovens and portable dishwashers, carpets not included in the building’s coverage, washing machines and clothes dryers, food freezers and the foods they contain, certain valuables such as original artwork and furs, etc.? And you should also know What does not Ensure Coverage?


However, it is all about being properly advised by an insurance agent. As with car and homeowner insurance, choosing a policy with a higher deductible will reduce the premium you pay, but it will also reduce your payment by claim. You can usually choose different deductibles for coverage for Real Estate and Assets.

In general, physical damage to your real or personal property caused “directly” by a flood is covered by the flood insurance policy. For example, damage caused by plugging of sewage pipes is covered if such plugging is a direct result of flooding. However, if tamponade is caused by some other problem, the damage is not covered.

Remember to keep your receipts. While you are not expected to keep receipts for all household items and clothing, try to save receipts for electronic equipment, wall-to-wall carpets, older appliances, and other high-cost items . Your adjuster can process your claim more quickly when you can prove how much the items were priced at the time of purchase.

Another valuable recommendation from Cerra Insumanse is that if your car suffered any damage from the heavy rains or stayed in some flood, take into account these recommendations, including the types of insurance that protect you against these natural phenomena:

• If your car has comprehensive insurance coverage you do not have to worry, as well as protecting you against theft, collision, overturning, broken glass, civil liability for damages to third parties in your person or property, fire and phenomena natural, also covers the losses generated by floods and earthquakes.

• If your insurance has contracted limited coverage, ie covering theft of the vehicle and civil liability for damages to third parties in your person or property, it is important to note that even if you do not consider the material damages of the vehicle, it also has a coverage in case of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and in general, the damages that derive of phenomena of the nature.
Fernando Cerra, with his team of collaborators, will organize a series of informative and educational conferences, considering now more than ever and for what is happening to the Hispanic community, that we must redouble our actions to protect and protect the Hispanic immigrant, whom admires and deeply respects not only his Hispanic background but also his wife Jana, a third-grade teacher in the Dallas School District, who has always given meaning to his life by serving unconditionally.

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